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Our over 650 alumni take care of keeping the network alive – by offering advice and assistance to our current students and providing insights and contact into their companies. They stay in touch via social networks such as LinkedIn, their alumni chapters or the annual NIT homecoming weekend. In all this, they are supported by the NIT Alumni & Community manager who acts as a link between all student generations, the NIT and the broader community.


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For international students, it is always both exciting and challenging to come to a new country. Getting to form bonds with locals outside of Campus and work life helps them to navigate in the new culture and surroundings and also offers the oppurtunity to find new roots far away from home. Generations of NIT students have formed strong ties with their hosts that often last until today. 
You live in Hamburg, are of German nationality or lived here for several years, you love to meet curious young people from another part of the world and bring them closer to Hamburg, German culture and traditions as well as everyday life? Then become a host for an international NIT student.



June 14, 2024
Summer BBQ 2024
Outside the NIT

September 20, 2024
Graduation Class 24 
Audimax I & NIT Foyer

September 20-21, 2024
NIT & TUHH Homecoming Weekend
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NIT Alumni: Where are they now?


...with Ernesto Riestra Martinez, Class 01

Current place of residence: Mexico
Currently working as: Co-founder and Innovation Officer at Yeira Inc.

Where are you currently working and what is the biggest issue that you are facing at work or what is currently keeping you busy there? 
I dedicate myself to the topic of Software as a Service, in the EdTech field. I am co-founder and lead developer of novel e-learning solutions at Yeira Inc. Currently I am fully dedicated to the field of learning analytics, and I am in charge of rolling our analytics suite into different accounts and use cases. 

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Biggest challenge now?
To raise the awareness of the value that learning analytics can provide to learning processes, not only in e-learning or distance scenarios, but specially in blended or edtech enabled classrooms and face to face learning.

Has there been a professional challenge since you were a student for which your studies or experiences at the NIT have prepared you for perfectly? 
A lot of our technology capabilities today had to be clearly outlined and disentangled from previous service agreements. Learning about intellectual property management and making sure source code and innovation products are adequately protected helped us launch our SaaS offer, while reducing the risk of receiving third party claims on our solutions. Today, if a client asks for custom development we only go ahead if the IP can be kept inside our solutions.

What has happened in your private life in the meantime? 
I am married and have two children, Ian (11) who is leaning towards music and piano and Avril (5) who seems to want to become the artist / painter of the family. And we have 3 cats too!!

What is your most precious / special / remarkable memory from your time studying at the NIT?
I used to go skating all around the campus and Harburg with a group of friends, and of course we didn't care too much about bringing food or even water. On one of those days we ventured pretty far for a couple of hours and on our way back we were completely depleted of energy, starving and thirsty. At the top of a very steep street and with our last possible breath we found a fruit store. Those must have been the best two oranges that I have had in my lifetime!

How to keep in touch with me:
Via LinkedIn.

The latest from the NIT


NIT students part of 2022 University Innovation Fellowship cohorte

Class 23 student Alexander Hermann (left) and Class 22 alumnus Gerrit Olbert (right, and yes, he is the younger brother of all the other Olberts you know), along with TUHH student Sarra Daknou, were chosen to be part of this years' cohort of the UIFxTUHH. The University Innovation Fellowship, short UIF, is a global movement to be found at chosen universities all around the globe and which aim is to empower students to become leaders of change in higher education. The program at the Harburg campus is founded and supported by both the NIT and TUHH as well as the Hasso Platner Institute of Design at Stanford. Every year, the fellows develop a project to make Innovation and Entrepreneurship more visible on campus. In the past two years, this has been the initiative Ideenschmiede and the TUHH podcast Planting Seeds.

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Before chosing their approach, Alex, Gerrit and Sarra followed an intensive six-week training by Hasso Platner institute about design thinking, innovation and entrepreneurship. Part of that training was an in-depth analysis of campus culture and student needs. The 2022 fellows learned that the institutes on one hand strive hard to deliver diverse and high quality offerings to inspire students to be innovative, proactive and entrepreneurial, while students are, on the other hand, ultimately unaware of what they are studying for and what their exact purpose is. Hence, there seems to be something missing for proper and effective communication between university staff and students. Especially the theme of personal purpose for the students has been striking to the project team, and they made it a guiding principle in their work to make a long-lasting and positive contribution on campus.

After their research, they developed three different project ideas and prototypes which they discussed with different stakeholders from the NIT and the TUHH. With the discussion results in mind, Alex, Gerrit and Sarra decided for their UIF project: the development of a campus app. The app is supposed to serve as a filter for those offers relevant for the individual in striving towards their purpose during their time on campus and provide a focus point to engage in dedicated communities. Certainly, many difficulties lie ahead, technical ones as well as the identification of specific customer needs. Also, they are right now in touch with other German universities that already have a campus app, and of course, the team analyses what the most used and most liked features of these apps are. We from the NIT team are superproud of the team (especially of Alex and Gerrit of course) and very excited to see the final result and how it will change our campus-wide communication for the better. Of course, we will keep you all updated in our newsletters.

If you got curious now and want to learn more about the UIF program either go to the website or follow the instagram account. You can also contact Alex and Gerrit via LinkedIn to ask more detailed questions or to simply wish them good luck for their endeavors and courage.

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Starting in 2008, the One of Us project is run by the NIT Alumni Network. Alumni make financial contributions to a fund intended to finance a scholarship for the double-degree program at the NIT. The first recipient of the scholarship was a student of NIT Class 18.


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NIT graduates are also alumni of the Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH). With the TU & YOU initiative, the TUHH aims to develop a closely-knit network of competences between alumni, students, teachers and staff and with representatives of business, politics, and the arts. The NIT works closely with TU & YOU on, for example, the joint Homecoming Weekend held in autumn every other year.


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