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The future needs people with a vision, people who harness new technologies for the benefit of humankind and the environment. Students engaged in a quest for challenges who think ahead of their time.

Support these students by joining the sponsoring association commuNITy e.V. that funds and supports students' and alumni matters by

  • contributing to scholarships,
  • offering short-term financial support to students in times of financial need, as well as
  • financially supporting community events and activities.

The commuNITy e.V. solely engages in these fields and does not fund any other NIT activities.

Learn more about some of the associations' acitivities such as...

The OneOfUs Scholarship

At the NIT we want to give talented people from all over the world the opportunity to receive a high quality education level and the chance to study for a Master's degree in Technology Management. Donations via enable us to use the money for sponsorships for exactly those students who mostly profit from it and could otherwise not finance their NIT studies.

Click here to get to our donation page, or fill in the form below.

With your gift, you invest in a generation that solves social problems with an entrepreneurial mindset and social commitment.

Short-term financial support

In case of urgent financial need, the commuNITy e.V. board is able to provide short-term financial support to students for paying rent and other living and studying costs.

You can add to that money by donating to our dedicated donation account, specifically for that need.

Social commitments & community events

Integration with host families at the annual BBQ & Advent Meeting or providing other commuNITy and student & alumni events. 

Company visits

Our students regularly get the chance to visit partner companies and interesting employers in Northern Germany. If needed, we support these activities financially.

Shape the future


At the NIT, we challenge the status quo and educate the future elite of technology managers. In ideal learning environments, our students develop skills to master the challenges of fast moving environments and actively shape the world of tomorrow. They realize technological and innovative solutions that can have a positive effect on our lives and the environment and that can overcome current problems. 

We would like to provide our students with the needed know-how and mindset to thrive. Therefore, we kindly invite you to support us in doing so.Through your single or regular contribution, you encourage and empower these young talents to realize their potentials in an intercultural community.


At home on the Hamburg University of Technology campus and active around the world: the Northern Institute of Technology (NIT) Management is part of a strong international network.

We think holistically which is why maintaining and extending our network across borders and continents is most important for us. We keep in close contact with our students and alumni, research partners, foundations, university experts, enterprises, and renowned professionals. 

3 reasons for your commitment




highly educated and socially committed talents to develop technologies for a future worth living and to address complex, global problems responsibly with their (startup) ideas and their know-how



for an open-minded and international close-knit community – 70% of our students come from all over the world



high potentials that are dependent on financing their studies to focus on studying instead of worrying about money and their future


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